New Construction & Remodel

We have worked on all types of structures. Whether your project is residential, commercial, industrial or modular our teams can guide you through the maze of building codes and help you identify issues before they become problems. We can assure that you are building the right structure for your project. We use the right materials and methods to address energy code requirements, accessibility standards, green building initiatives, and environmental concerns. We are eager to coordinate with your architect or designer to ensure that the final product embodies your dreams.

Maintenance & Repair

Your home or business likely represents one of the largest investments that you will ever make. Helping you maintain those investments is what we do best. We use trained construction professionals who have been in the industry for many years. While much of the work is done by our own staff, sometimes it is better to bring in outside support. We handle those details and bring you the confidence of knowing you have highly-qualified individuals working on your behalf.

Storm Recovery

Residents of Central Texas understand that it is a matter of when, not if, the storm will come. Immediately after the storm, there is urgency about getting things back in order and, too many times, chaos rules. The insurance companies are overwhelmed, and it seems there is no one on the other end of the phone to help. We can fill the gap by taking care of the immediate needs, such as temporary roof repairs, boarding up windows and cleaning up debris. We will work with your insurance company to see that you get a fair appraisal of the damage. Often our team’s expertise and our purchasing power with materials allow us to provide upgrades for the same money paid in insurance claims.

Project Management

For the customer who wants to be engaged with the project and make changes and selections along the way, we offer help through the entire construction process. Generally, we serve to advise you concerning codes, safety and construction law. We will help you evaluate and choose the best subcontractors for your project and enhance communication between you and the ones you choose. This service is provided on a cost plus basis.

General Contracting

For the project that is well defined with drawings and specifications, this may be the best service option. When all of the selections [of design and materials] are made before construction begins, we are able to establish a fixed price for our services and minimize your time invested during the construction phase.

Design Development Services

Lots of complication and aggravation in a construction project is avoided when the contractor is engaged with its design from the beginning. This service puts our years of experience with many projects and common design challenges to work for you. Getting a project from design to satisfactory completion within your budget is more likely when your contractor and designer cooperate for your benefit. Costs and time are reduced when plans are not redrawn and work orders are not changed.


Your comfort, whether in your home or workplace, depends on protection from outside elements. Our teams are ready to replace those old windows that don’t seal properly, to protect your finishes with fresh paint, or to repair that leaking roof.


We maintain relationships with licensed electricians, plumbers and HVAC companies to make needed repairs to those systems. We can even establish an annual maintenance inspection to aid in avoiding that untimely breakdown.


We can help you turn that house into the home you want to live in. New countertops, kitchen and bath updates, fresh paint, and floor coverings can make your home express who you are. We know how to do it all and even how to help you find the best options in materials and styles.

Roofing & Gutters

Storms cause the most damage to composition roofs. We work with the major manufactures to get the best pricing and delivery. Whether you want to match your existing roof or change things up, our Project Specialists will provide samples and work with you as you make selections for your new roof and seamless gutters. We also provide metal roofing and a wide variety of products for commercial flat roof systems.

Windows & Screens

Broken windows and ripped screens are also common casualties in a storm event. Our replacement glass can match your existing tinting, frame colors and quality. When the entire window must be replaced, we can match existing frames from any of the major manufacturers. When the job is done, only you will know they have been replaced or repaired.

Paint & Exterior Finishes

After a storm has damaged your exterior lights, siding, or paint, you have lots of decisions to make. And the older your home is, the harder it may be to match its exterior finishes. Although it might prove to be a good time to update light fixtures, for example, you may not want to change all your siding because only some of it is damaged. We can almost always can match what is on your home through our relationships with manufacturers. Our paint crew will completely prep, caulk and paint your home with the best available materials.

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